Since our launch R2R Export in 2011 our firm has established itself as one of the biggest Indian hair extensions in Chennai, India. We pride ourselves in producing the world most luxurious Indian hair. Our products are Indian Human hair extensions, Unprocessed Raw hair extensions, Machine wefted hair, Raw bulk hair in wholesale price list. Sourcing the Raw Indian hair from various south Indian temples and affordable hair price.. Which we deliver to our customers in over thirty-two countries internationally. Especially in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, SPAIN, GERMANY, ANGOLA, MOZAMBIQUE, U.K,, IVORY COAST, U.S.A., SENEGAL AND BRAZIL. The reason our hair extensions are the most famous in choice with salon experts and celebrities alike is the hair we generate has a naturally silky texture, and is consistency in length from root to tip.


We understands the needs of our customers, and is committed to standard, competitive pricing and best customer service. This is why we have limit needs when hand picking bundles of hair of our customers. We conduct standard inspections before construction, looking for the virgin features our hair embodies: flexibility in styling, body and fullness, purity and longevity. Our hair is everything you guess your hair to be hair and must be rightly cared for to enjoy these qualities, doing so assures your hair will be reusable from one to two years. The natural qualities of our hair extensions will provide you self-esteem and leave you feeling like a queen, our hair is really a natural extension of you.

The World's Most Luxurious Hair

At R2R Export we cannot be beaten on the wholesale price list, we charge for our stunning human hair. And each year our customer base doubles through word of mouth as the Indian human hair extensions we produce are second to none. Many hair firms in today's market spend millions each year on expensive marketing campaigns which this cost is then moved down to you the customer. The big majority of our new customers that come to us are either having standard control problems with their present hair supplier or they just cannot afford the continue price increases. We welcome you long-term business with our firm and look forward to your 1st order.

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